Alex Simring Feature Piece

Alex Simring Features as this month’s Art Collector

As a little token of support to our readers and a way of saying thank you, we have decided to run this month’s feature piece on Alex Simring . He is just one of our regular readers, and in no way is he particularly knowledgeable in the art world, but he is typical of one of our readers who is just hoping to gain and entry and basic level of understanding into the world of Art. We believe that Alex has found the perfect way to discover more about art by looking through our brilliant website!

What does Alex Simring think about Art?

Alex Simring grew up in a musical family, playing the cello from a young age as well as piano. Alex did not have a very big exposure to art such as painting, sculpture or the other classical arts, but Alex feels that from music he draws his deep appreciation of the art world. Alex Simring has traveled to some of the great art museums around the world, but he found that it was some of the smaller art galleries that he found the most enjoyment.

Alex Simring’s Upbringing

Alex Simring grew up in Annangrove, which is a small sort of country town about an hour outside of Sydney, Australia. Alex Simring was born in 1972 and at that time, in Annangrove in particular, there was not really an active art scene. Most of Alex’s artistic learning was from home schooling rather than the public school he attended – his local school was a great school, but it just did not have as much exposure to the Arts as he would have liked. Alex Simring grew up on 5 acres and was surrounded by the most amazing natural landscapes.

Alex Simring had a strong training the mathematics, and this is well known to strengthen left hemisphere brain functioning. Right brain functions can be strengthened through music and art, but Alex had a very strong emphasis in academic training, and he thinks maybe this suppressed his artistic development. Not as much emphasis was placed on Alex Simring’s handwriting, for example, and it is true that Alex Simring went on to win the doctor’s award for the most messy handwriting – a true feat amongst doctors!

What does this messiness in handwriting signify? Alex Simring seems to think that a lack of attention to writing and also to drawing has meant that these artistic forms of expression have been dampened in his development, but he is sure that they are still able to be unmasked!

Alex Simring’s Education

Alex doesn’t want to dwell too much on his formal education. As you know, Alex Simring went to primary school at Annangrove Public school (1977-83) . Alex then went on to study high school at Sydney Grammar School (1984-89) where he won a cello scholarship. He entered medical school at UNSW from 1990 and graduated with a MB BS BSC (Med) (Hons) in 2000. Along the way, Alex SImring briefly left UNSW medical school and had a short hiatus at Macquarie University where he studies Medical Sciences (1994-95) before returning to medical studies at UNSW to complete his medical degree from 1996-2000.

Alex Simring began working as a doctor at Concord Hospital in 2001 and went on to train to become a gastroenterologist completing his specialist training in 2007. Dr Simring currently works in private practice as a gastroenterologist in Liverpool, NSW, Australia. Alex Simring has a special interest in irritable bowel syndrome, nutrition, fatty liver as well as Crohn’s disease.

Alex Simring and Art

Alex Simring is still very much a novice in the art world and has lots to learn and experience. Alex hopes that by discovering as much as possible (such as reading this excellent site) he will begin to once again learn to love art and maybe even start creating some art himself. This may seem like quite a daunting task for Alex Simring to consider, but once the mental blocks can be overcome he is determined to do it.

We really hope that you have gained a small insight into who is Alex Simring, and that you understand a bit about where he grew up, his home situation, his education, hobbies interests and passions. It is too difficult to truly understand someone just by reading this small biography, but hopefully this will be a little taste and also encourage some of our other readers to contribute and put their hands up for us to write another feature piece. You can always contact us on

Happy reading and creating!